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Do you ever choke under pressure? Are you lacking in motivation? Is your anxiety impacting on your performance? Lacking in confidence? Coming back from injury? Do you need to improve your focus? Need help with goals? Need to build mental toughness? Be more resilient?


As a probationary sport and exercise scientist (specialising in psychology), Stephen can help you to improve your mental skills and performance. Stephen has experience with athletes from multiple diciplines including tennis (expert), football, boxing, darts, athletics, cricket, gymnastics, swimming, fighter pilots, rugby and golf. If you feel that sports psychology would help you take your sport to the next level, please get in touch.


Client Feedback

'When I first met you, I was very fearful to play football at the level I used to play before the injury. I think you've helped me overcome my fears and lack of confidence. I really appreciate everything you've done for me. I would recommend you to anyone with similar problems'.


Kacper Przybylski - Semi-Professional footballer

Sports & Exercise Performance

As a probationary sport and exercise scientist specialising in psychology

Stephen can help with many different areas of sports performance.


Key areas of psychologcial support include: Self Confidence, Mindfulness, Motivation, Competition Anxiety, Dealing with Injury, Depression, Self-talk, Stress, Self-esteem, Goal setting, Emotional Management, Team Cohesion, Choking, The Yips, Mental Imagery, Gym exercise, Retirement, Coaching, Well-Being, Weight Control, Concentration, Burnout, Addictions, Dartitis, Building Resilience, Fear of Re-injury, Mental Toughness and Physical Activity.

Needs Analysis


A need analysis or intake interview is conducted, which acts as a way of gathering more information surrounding the athlete. This gives the athlete a chance to talk about what is important to them and typically lasts around 45-60 minutes. This interview covers sporting history, work life and other hobies etc.



After the needs analysis, the sport psychology specialist would absord the data and look at relevant psychologcial constructs relevant to the individual. This can be used to help discussions for furture sessions. For each session around 1-2 hours takes place behind the scenes prior to meeting.



At this stage, the athlete enters into their 1-2-1 consultancy sessions lasting around 90 minutes. A plan may be put in place for the athlete or an intervention offered. Specific areas maybe looked at, for example goal setting, mindfulness or building confidence.

Sports Psychology & Acceptance
and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Sports psychology can help you to improve your performance and give you that mental edge over your competitors, whether you need more motivation, confidence or wish to manage your anxiety, sports psychology can help. ACT is a form of counselling focusing on mindfulness and behaviour change, as well as improving psychologcial flexability.


Athletes typically require a minimum of 4 sessions


Sports Psychology Fees

Initial Needs Analysis £35

Single sessions £50


Mental Toughness Assessment £100


Stephen helped me with my mental training for tennis and this really helped to keep me focused and relaxed while I was competing on the ATP tour. His knowledge of sports psychology and tennis is brilliant as he really understands what you go through as an athlete in high pressure situations.


Alex Bogdanovic (Former Davis Cup player)














After only two hours spent working with yourself, I can feel a change in my way of thinking as well as having an understanding about my way of thinking, can't wait to find out what the future holds.


Jordan Thompson - Professional Boxer - 16th in Britain - cruiserweight devision

9-0 wins (7 KO's)

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